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Got a fluke/blessingPosted by Jordan Clifton... 2013-02-03

Soooooo, when I completed level seven,there was a slight glitch, and the money, and lil child girl thing, continued counting........,I was super stoked when it kept climbing, so I "CHILLED" out and let it do its thing for about 15mins. Ended up with over 30Mil in your fakecash, and 4,000 lil lady tokens... The game has been awesome for me,even though I skipped through. Love the recipes. Helped me overcome my fear of Chinese cooking, and now Im not afraid Not to call for takeout.thanks you guys!!!

BugPosted by Hanniel Pichardo 2013-06-09

When I force close the game the last action I do does not count but the results stay. For instance, when I complete all the jobs and click finish, I get all the money and two garu points; I proceed to force close the game and when I open it again I can finish the job again and receive the two garu points and the money. I've gathered over 200 garu points this way. No challenge anymore.

One of The Best on iPad now on AndroidPosted by Shin Ra 2013-09-30

Ive been played on iPad since first released which now converted to Android. This game is very addictive, cute, and funny sometimes. At iPad ive already level 90 and still im like to maximum level and unlock some menus and items. Must PLAY !!, others like this => uninstalled

Posted by sarah vi 2013-10-04

Chocolatosmania sedang GALAU? Jangan galau, kan ada CHOCOLATOS yang selalu menemani dan memberi kehangatan di saat GALAU menembus sukmamu Chocolatosmania sedang GALAU? Jangan galau, kan ada CHOCOLATOS yang selalu menemani dan memberi kehangatan di saat GALAU menembus sukmamu

Need pucca cheatsPosted by Sarah Salem 2013-09-03

Hi if u searching for pucca cheats...plz just go to google nd search for(pucca restaurant money and garu points hack) U will find my helpful thread ... contact mt on [email protected] am at lvl ..142..hope this will help u

สนุกดีPosted by Nokky Ngamlert 2013-07-04

แต่ว่ายังไม่เสถียรเท่าของiphone อละแอดเพื่อนทำยังไงคะ รบกวนหน่อยคะ

Best gamePosted by Kevin Feng 2013-04-04

I never play it before and I keep having trouble of downloading it. I keep on download and it finally work, then I started playing it was even fun, too!!!!!!!;-) :-) :-P

Exellent Game!Posted by Ma. Samantha Kristine Red Torres 2013-04-23

I really love the Pucca's Restaurant now, in my destiny and collections is Pucca so, I haved decided to search an a Pucca Restaurant Game! I really love it!

Love it so muchPosted by Cheryll Agnes 2015-06-27

But, when i want to log in, it takes a long time, its making me mad. Please fixed it! Anyway, i love this game so much. Because im a collector of Pucca

fun and cutePosted by Louise Scott 2013-01-29

Fun and cute what more can be said?! Time management in a restaurant I used to play a game like it. It's relaxing without being boring or monotonous.

Great game......Posted by Samantha Dimaranan 2013-03-10

Why can't I install?? I have much more space in my sd card but it won't install please fix..... I gave it 5 stars because I want this......

Awesomely addictivePosted by Jessica Shaw 2013-02-02

With the new update the possibilities are endless!! Now the void doesn't rot so you can easily level up and don't have to check so often!

Exelent, oppositePosted by Keshliam Melendez 2013-01-31

Wow dis game really does suck I hate it u need a dum sd card jusr too play it n 5 stars just a joke hahaha

I playing this game from Ipad was 4yearsPosted by Nurrahmah Fauziah 2016-03-19

And now i download from Lenovo Android unfortunately stop. Why??? Iloved this game. Update please thanks

Love itPosted by Nthe Chaka 2015-07-14

This game is AWESOME the best I used to have it but it went away and now my time has come I found it yay

Pucca restaurantPosted by jackie lovett 2013-01-27

Love it. Can we ave fairywood on android please im so glad u but pucca on been waitin months for this.

Just startedPosted by matsuki matoshi 2013-02-25

Seems awesome to me just dnt knw how to add friends yet...thank you for creating an awesome fun game

Posted by John Carlo 2016-05-28

Every time I click the Play button the game force close. My phone is Lenovo A7000 marshmallow OS

Pure Udall c.f. HoggPosted by Sanea Henry 2014-01-03

For her birthday party the other one that dickkkkkk and jus UEFA champions, which will eerie

Pucca restaurantPosted by Jackie Lovett 2013-08-28

I love, this game BUT I can't connect to facebook it takes ages but still not connecting

Love this gamePosted by Witchy Gurl 2013-08-18

Best game ever no glitches nor bugs but if only you didn't have to use internet !! <3

Awesome!Posted by Liliana Rubio 2013-08-09

I love this game its fun!!!! And I love how you can get recipes! Thank you

Love it...Posted by Ratna Lestari 2013-02-28

I really like this game.. love pucca ^^ very interesting game.. ♥♥♥

Great gamePosted by Abigail Mejia 2016-01-18

I love this game simply because pucca is one of my fave... cartoon shows

Flawless.....;)Posted by Pracia Colson 2013-03-13


GoodPosted by MM MM 2013-12-29

Well, it's a cute game. You guys should update more often...?

So goodPosted by Nurul Aina 2013-08-11

So fun to play and create my own restaurants....very love it

Posted by ara dionela 2013-02-10

Love this game...I like to experiment the food menu here..^_^

AwesomePosted by Luis Suarez 2013-10-25

Great game must download ... just saying peoples !!!!!!!!!!!

Omgg!Posted by Shaun Easter 2013-01-29

I needed a new cooking game and this is it! Thank yu!

Its a cuTe and LoveLy gamePosted by kimberly ramos 2014-02-02

all saying that its bad but i think its so good !!!

ME LIKEYY!!Posted by A Google User 2013-10-05

I really really like it!! Keep up the good work. :)

ExcellentPosted by Jessica Saavedra 2013-02-23

Finally a great game that is free very addicting

Posted by Iris 신 2013-10-18

It is really fun to play. Keep up the good work

Nice gamePosted by PP FromThailand 2013-02-25

Love this game. U will addicted when u play :)

Samsung Galaxy TabPosted by Nadhira Condrofebiyanti 2013-03-15

I love this and I can see Chinese recipe :)

Something wrong.Posted by Yahya Ahmet 2013-05-08

I can't enter the storge and shop.help?

AddictivePosted by Cindy Mira 2014-02-18

Have a few bugs but over all addicting

Posted by Lucia Rose 2016-02-27

I love it but it needs a offline mode

Excellent☆★♡♥□■◇◆○●Posted by Tara May Mendoza 2013-05-23

This game is good for my kids! ! !

ErrorPosted by chuthathip Nonsinchai 2013-05-19

It cannot play and black screen.

Pucca is so cutePosted by Ruth Garcia 2013-05-06

I love to kook and i love pucca

Pucca Funny Love!Posted by Polskareich-Christinne - Countryballs and Others 2014-10-29

I really love it! That's all.

Posted by Prabir Debnath 2016-11-17

It is so ooooo ooooo cute...

Posted by Carla Jimeno 2013-06-22

Super cool game..! I like it

AwesomePosted by Andrew Struyck 2013-02-08

This game can get addicting.

Lovely GamePosted by Supawit Charoenwetch 2014-02-23

I love this game very much!

I love everything about this appPosted by Rozanna Ally 2013-02-24

Fun game, addicting as well

I Love This GamePosted by Dalla Dirosa 2013-08-20

Fantastic Game, Keep it up

It is AWESOMEPosted by Andrew Sutton 2015-02-23

Please make it an offline

Looooove itPosted by Hula Rock 2014-07-19

Get Yo Fat Kid On !!!!!!!

JGTC sk,slamPosted by mona cristobal 2014-02-11

Hjssggefejf Bushed IJA j

HappyPosted by Kayla Anne Morkel 2016-04-16

Love this game so much!!

YayPosted by naomi demon 2013-06-20

Yay the game is fixed :D

Love this gamePosted by katherine barragan 2014-12-14

:) :):):):):):):):):):)

GreatPosted by Candice Barnett 2013-01-27

Full of awesome fun!!!!

WowPosted by Biren Sinha 2013-09-29

I think it,s cool game

Puca's restaurantPosted by Timothy Leto 2013-01-28

This game is awesome.

I have no problem.Posted by Celeste Diaz 2013-06-10

This game is amazing

I like itPosted by Silca Muniz 2013-05-26

This game is awesome

Posted by Crii Nexx 2016-02-11

Miss that game !!

HuhuhuPosted by Caitlyn Aurelia Soenjaya 2015-04-30

The games is good

coolPosted by Tien Dang 2013-04-30

this game is cool

Great gamePosted by Henri Chung 2013-02-26

I can play again

UmmPosted by Shawnel powell 2013-01-27

If u like u play

Posted by wennalyn cabatuan 2013-12-21

Excellent game!

Best restaurant games ever! !!!Posted by Tiara Lujan 2013-09-20

I love pucca (:

AmazPosted by abby kim 2014-08-16

Best game ever

CoolPosted by Fernando Tan 2013-12-30

Because is fun

FunPosted by Walter Vassar 2015-05-12

Hours of play

Posted by Mark Stephen Tan 2014-03-24

Lucca friends

Best restaurant everrŕrrrrŕPosted by Christopher Daniel 2014-08-12

Just love it

:pPosted by turbo goblin 2013-01-26

Really cool

Posted by Tania Lesmana 2014-04-25

Love it♥

KK.LOVE.Posted by kanika som 2013-09-08


<3Posted by Kankulanat Ned 2013-06-19

I love it!

Posted by Ryan Sanchez 2013-04-01

Very great

Posted by Lyle Pereira 2016-01-26

Top game.

love itPosted by 恋月孤星 2015-07-12

cute game

Posted by Yuna najja 2014-06-06

Cool game

Posted by dhaniez raziq 2013-05-23


WowPosted by Linda Lutcher 2013-05-14

Nice game

CoolPosted by Nunn Arthur 2013-02-01

Good game

Love herPosted by Leslie Cuevas 2013-06-23

Love her

Grt app lov itPosted by phyllis allen 2013-03-21


PuccaPosted by Kevin Gomes 2015-06-22


Posted by Vy Lan 2015-02-16

Love it

Posted by Wanda Zoe 2014-11-03


Posted by Betty Chan 2014-08-15

Love it

PuccaPosted by Tyler Jean 2013-02-09

Love it

GracePosted by Grace Luna 2013-02-01

Like it

Super funPosted by Amelia Ho 2013-01-25

Yea! :)

it's amazing you know?Posted by Charyl Cablinda 2014-04-10


Posted by Abdul Razak 2013-09-15


GreatPosted by Ruben Cruz 2013-02-02


Posted by Owl2o ! 2015-07-31


Posted by Marnie Muscat 2015-06-19


Lovely gamePosted by 잭과콩나무 2015-06-17


Posted by christhel carig 2014-08-18


NicePosted by Koh Cristin 2013-09-14


GoodPosted by Dale Catibog 2013-06-28


Posted by Jade Agb 2013-06-01


HeyPosted by Tana Rodriguez 2014-10-28


Posted by Tim Ellis 2013-01-28


Posted by 2017-08-16

So good i remember this game at still child

Posted by Sherwin Mendoza 2017-08-04

Loved it

Posted by 太阳看到月亮太阳 2017-07-12

i love this game.but my vivo y55 can't play

Posted by Mazy Rodriguez 2017-06-17

The game is awesome

Posted by Philip Wong 2017-06-04

I can t go in the game even with wifi it will just say pls check your wifi again pls fix then i will give 5 star

Posted by Shekela Madison 2017-05-04

It's an awesome game my only complaint is I can't create a new mob account to save my progress​ in the game

Posted by RoyalT _Lyfe 2017-03-21

ABSOLUTELY AMAZINGLY UNBELIEVEABLY AWESOME!!! ♡♡♡♡ I even have it on my iPad and made massive progress on it, so now, I wanna play it on my phone. I had this on my iPad for 7 years!!!

Love this gamePosted by Katherine Barragan 2014-12-13

:) :):):):):):):):):):)

Pucca Funny Love!Posted by PolandChristinne - Polandimations 2014-10-28

I really love it! That's all.

Best restaurant everrŕrrrrŕPosted by Top Cogan 2014-08-11

Just love it

i need friends and this is fun!!!Posted by Jangmi Villamor 2014-06-07

Cute &lt;3Posted by Ma. Angelica Fajardo 2014-02-27

Best restaurant games ever! !!!Posted by Tia Lynn 2013-09-19

I love pucca (:

Grt app lov itPosted by PAM of Most High Jesus 2013-03-20


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•「兩杯免費遊戲的精髓、一茶匙的時間管理調味, 再摻入少許社交功能,統統混合在一起後,就做出了這道讓我廢寢忘食的免費遊戲。」 – Touch Arcade

•「『Pucca N' Friend』是一款趣味無窮的遊戲, 適合各種年齡階層,只要開始玩就欲罷不能。」 – Macgasm

•「遊戲的畫面十分俏皮,每個角色的演出總會讓我會心一笑。」 – Chuk'num

您將掌握一間餐廳經營的成敗, 並由一位沒沒無名的小廚師,努力成為世界級的主廚。 設計出一間風格獨具、機能完善的餐廳,設計出 60 多種不同的菜單,同時查看朋友或鄰居如何按照世界的餐廳經營指南裝潢他們的餐廳。

• 以動畫角色為主的可愛畫風。
• 使用七種項目類別裝潢餐廳: 地板、牆面、窗戶、門、椅子、餐桌與裝飾品。
• 有甜點、可口的開胃菜、美味的主菜到新鮮壽司等 60 種菜色,等您來學習。
• 光顧朋友的餐廳,並分享彼此的金錢與星級評等。
• 聘請世界級主廚與得力的工作人員,將餐廳打造成五星級的水準。
• 收集小雕像、成就,並解開隱藏的功能。
• 登上世界知名餐廳指南,打響餐廳的名聲。

• 定期推出新內容。
• 陸續開放更多社交功能。

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