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Love it!Posted by MrsD Ware 2013-01-28

I only had a few problems playing the game although every blue moon it would force close like every other game, and took a lot of my battery and said something about a clock and blacklist! Huh? What tha! but other than that it is a cute game. I just wish I could buy more decorative things with the amount of dollars or tips and not stars bcuz it left me with only 2 sheets of wallpaper when I just knew I was going to redecorate my whole place. Lol

FINALLY!!Posted by yuna jang 2013-01-28

when I had my ipod, I played this and fairywoods Patisserie religiously! im so happy I can play it on my phone now! it works great! just forces closes a bit, but not often. I hope you guys are working omn the fairywoods Patisserie for android too! I'll be waiting for that!! thanks so much mobcrete!

Puccas restaurantPosted by Brenda Melo 2013-02-12

Ever since the last update everytime i want to visit a freind it wont let me then i get a pop up saying i need to update but there is no newer updades this needs to be fixed. Bedides that i love the game in less then 2 weeks i got to level 25 lol mob id b.melo84

Not to thrilled about the clockPosted by Carissa Webb 2013-01-27

I like the game.unfortunately my carrier doesnt get the best reception which makes the clock lag a bit. This has been a problem for me on this game because now im on the blacklist for"changing the clock" when i haven't touched the time in anyway

Help!Posted by Kristin Vonachen-Vickers 2013-03-26

How do you customize the place? I could only buy items but I couldn't move them or delete them. Then my girl gets stuck and tells me to move something! Lame score because of that, coulda been a good game.

Tons of patiencePosted by Carol Duong 2016-01-24

Some of the characters don't have their accurate names(Ring Ring is Rachel?? Or Ching is Christina??). But I like the game though but it's kinda hard to adjust the furniture around.

We need an updatePosted by Dannydia Centeno 2013-07-16

Its awesome but I will like to See it like the apple app is more faster the chef points are more way bigger and they have more items that we don't have available for android users!

CAN'T PLAY OFFLINE! Pls FIXPosted by Jao Manahan 2013-10-07

I thought, you can play the game offline by referring to the descritption below of the app. I love this game, but I cant play it without internet. I want to play this every time.

Love this game butPosted by storm wheeler 2015-04-23

Please sort out the bug I can't play it....when I go into it and I click play, it just stops the game and returns to home screen....please fix the bug

Fun gamePosted by vivian toh 2013-02-13

Its a fun game. However there is a bug.. no matter how many times i cook the dish, it remains at 0%.. pls fix it

it seems great butPosted by Liza Oliveros 2014-08-24

it seems great but you need to access your internet connection but if you fix it we will give you 5 stars ;)

Great gamePosted by Melanie Rodriguez 2013-03-01

Awesome game but it wont update. I haven't been able to invite or visit any friends. Please fix.

What?Posted by Liliana Levero 2016-02-11

Actually, this game is fun. But, sometimes it suddenly force close. Please fix this bug.

How do I play offline?Posted by Luke Chen 2013-07-23

Is there a way that I could play offline as its stated in the game information. Thanks.

Offline modePosted by Nhung Luu 2013-05-15

Can't play offline! It requires connection actually. The description is wrong!

Ya...Posted by Athenee Chan 2014-03-02

I wish we could play it without WiFi (T_T) otherwise its a 4 star

Does anybody remember the original ver?Posted by Tracy Smith 2016-02-13

If anybody has thr nameto it tell me please

Posted by Thomas Cordero 2016-01-25

Its awsome the only thing is th wifi!!

Can't play offlinePosted by Flicky 2013-10-07

Please fix in next update :-)

more customer please...Posted by Anna Huang 2013-02-09

more custoer in level15or up

Its goodPosted by pearl ledbettet 2014-03-19

And interesting but cool

Too slowPosted by EXO- L 2013-09-07

Not really good

SamsungPosted by nurain ali 2013-04-05

Love it

This game is boring but so much funPosted by HandaPandaCorn Johnson 2014-03-06


gtuPosted by chris spain 2013-01-26


Posted by patrick aragon 2017-03-19

I love this game

Posted by Calamity Cupcake 2017-03-04

Love the game, really enjoy that the food doesn't spoil, totally not working for my android, worked fine for my iPad though. Game needs to be fixed so that I can play on android.

Posted by Dragon Channel 2017-02-17

Pretty good very nice game No crash or anything

This game is boring but so much funPosted by Hannah Johnson 2014-03-05


Can't play offlinePosted by XilencX 2013-10-06

Please fix in next update :-)

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•「兩杯免費遊戲的精髓、一茶匙的時間管理調味, 再摻入少許社交功能,統統混合在一起後,就做出了這道讓我廢寢忘食的免費遊戲。」 – Touch Arcade

•「『Pucca N' Friend』是一款趣味無窮的遊戲, 適合各種年齡階層,只要開始玩就欲罷不能。」 – Macgasm

•「遊戲的畫面十分俏皮,每個角色的演出總會讓我會心一笑。」 – Chuk'num

您將掌握一間餐廳經營的成敗, 並由一位沒沒無名的小廚師,努力成為世界級的主廚。 設計出一間風格獨具、機能完善的餐廳,設計出 60 多種不同的菜單,同時查看朋友或鄰居如何按照世界的餐廳經營指南裝潢他們的餐廳。

• 以動畫角色為主的可愛畫風。
• 使用七種項目類別裝潢餐廳: 地板、牆面、窗戶、門、椅子、餐桌與裝飾品。
• 有甜點、可口的開胃菜、美味的主菜到新鮮壽司等 60 種菜色,等您來學習。
• 光顧朋友的餐廳,並分享彼此的金錢與星級評等。
• 聘請世界級主廚與得力的工作人員,將餐廳打造成五星級的水準。
• 收集小雕像、成就,並解開隱藏的功能。
• 登上世界知名餐廳指南,打響餐廳的名聲。

• 定期推出新內容。
• 陸續開放更多社交功能。

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