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Posted by Jennifer Keene 2013-02-09

Update ruined it and time clock error but before that was best game I've played awesome,challenging,u can play 4 hours w/ something 2 do,or u can set ur recipe and cook a longer food if u don't have time to play, u also get plenty of oppourtunity to earn the special points, and $, there r some games where thats impossible to do w/out buying them through paypal.problem is that several times this error message said I'm messing with time settings when I didn't and I had been blacklisted.then after last update I can no longer get in b/c it force closes upon opening every time. Bummer!

A word of advice (sorry)Posted by Kedda kedda 2015-02-15

Sorry to say this but when I played your game it was actually going pretty good at first then I started to notice glitches like the characters turn into flashing white box everytime they move any chance you can fix that and also I have notice you have a lot like a lot of Pucca restrants apps games on here don't you agree it's better to have one Pucca game and not so many it can cause confusion I like the game you already have and only suggesting these fixes alone thanks

Great game except for the glitchPosted by Theresa D Dorsey 2016-03-02

It takes a long time to earn enough garu points for the in-game items. But when you go to spend them on certain things, the points disappear and you don't get the item. It's happened to me 5 times now and customer support has yet to get back to me.

Confused.Posted by jesse pandalove 2016-12-16

It keeps crashing when I try to play. But when I was playing on my tablet it was working fine when I was at my boyfriend house cause there was wifi... but is my data or just the app that makes it crash out to the home screen?

Error occured and can't load the game any morePosted by Sunny Lee 2013-04-03

Was enjoying the game but an error occured last week and i have been unable to load the game since then. Reinstall the game after deleting but it didnt solve the issue. Is anyone experiencing the same issue as mine?

This is an awesome game... but...Posted by Christine Adkins 2013-01-31

This is a great game. Tons of creative dishes and upgrades! But the loading process is battery draining. I know they are trying to fix this. But. Since the last update it is worse and now my game is forcing closed.

Great addictive game, poor android execution.Posted by Bset XOXO 2013-02-20

Runs fantastic on iPhones but the Android devs for this game have seriously dropped the ball. Lots of bugs, slow load time and overheating issues. Hope they fix it soon because this is a very enjoyable game.

Great gamePosted by Jose Fonseca 2013-02-21

But it started crashing today.... Mainly at start up. Its plays no it doesn't let me remodel or sell, everyday something goes wrong my door is blocked no one can't get in

FIX PLEASEPosted by Goh Chong 2014-11-20

i loveeee this game ssooooo much!!! but it keeps closing on its own and later tells me to force close or report. please fix because i really love this game )):

If it was an offline game tooPosted by Mei Ling 2014-03-21

I also hope this could be played offline too ! I would not want to switch on my 3g just to play this game ! 5 stars if it could be played offline!!! Thank you.

Love this game but...Posted by ReBeL TV 2015-01-07

I'm trying to get my old account back up and it keeps saying no internet so I can't recover it this sucks cuz I can't play now plz fix it

Love it but.....Posted by Joana Jusino 2013-02-09

I love this game but since on Android I can only add friends from fb however that function is out of commission apparently.. Please fix!

FrustratedPosted by Stacey S 2013-02-28

Since I updated yesterday, I have to force close every few minutes. I run the Android version and I adore this game. Please fix!

Love it! But the update killed the gamePosted by Joshua Bogacz 2013-02-02

I literally just purchased coins and now after the update the game wont even open. Please fix :( I have a Samsung galaxy 2 sprint

Plz Connect Facebook for Samsung usersPosted by Fantage hyena 2015-08-09

Plz Connect Facebook for samsung users because how in the world will the people who use Samsung have friends on their list?!?!

I loved this game, althoughPosted by Alexis Gzz 2015-05-11

Please fix the thing with the Start botton, that makes the game to quit everytime, it would be wonderful if you could fix it.

Problem With registrationPosted by Desmond Lai 2013-03-03

got some problem with the registration MOD+ i cant key in anything in the e-mail box in the resgistration screen , pls fix it

Love the game, but hate the problems!Posted by Yen Nguyen 2015-01-14

The game is one of my favorites of all time, but I can't reset my password because of "connection errors". Please fix ASAP.

Samsung GS3Posted by Ramon Morales 2013-01-26

Game played flawlessly on my phone don't know why all the bad reviews. Gave it 3 stars cuz game was kinda boring

Fun???Posted by Sara Kjono 2013-02-03

Addicting and fun except when it Gets stuck when the ad for xfinity opens how do you get rid of it?

Glitch but still ok...Posted by Raven Maxfield 2013-04-19

The people glitch and I didn't get the executive chef achievement when I reached lb 40.

Pucca pleasePosted by diana whitehead 2013-02-08

Love this game... When it worked. Now it just crashes when I go to open it. Please fix.

Offline would be more bestPosted by lavanya mlrdy 2014-10-22

Good game with cute graphics....pls make it offline ..then will rate with five stars

Was greatPosted by Liliana Juarez 2014-07-24

The app started to stop working i was level 89 had to restart all over

JxjPosted by MINH LAM 2013-02-22

Cool game on iPhone.bit I can't open the android one. always crashes

Posted by eve locke 2013-09-02

Am able to get in game but am unable to do anything.Please fix.

Posted by G. D. King 2015-11-06

Needs to be updated. It tells me register when I already have.

Update sucks..Posted by C Smith 2013-08-26

After update unable to cook or buy items... please fix

Don't like new updatesPosted by Kristen Tanzi 2013-08-26

Installed latest updates and now it won't open at all

Play offlinePosted by Reni Wati 2013-10-03

Please make it can be played when offline. Thank you

Make it offline plsPosted by Ron CASTILLO 2015-05-15

I really love the game pls and fix the promble

Force closes to muchPosted by Vincenzo Rodriguez 2013-01-26

Really want to play it but force closes to much

Loading problemPosted by Morgan Au 2013-05-12

Have some problem in loading in my phone

WHY?!Posted by Sandy Yang 2013-02-28

It won't let me update! Plz fiX ASAP

Posted by Nguyễn Bảo Vy 2016-04-23

It's crash when I press open

Nice :)Posted by I'm Sone 2013-02-14

But i dun like it :'(

Posted by Makayla Gillyard 2015-12-31

Kinda boring

Posted by group mosavira 2015-07-07


Posted by Evanna Kasperian 2017-08-03

I had it download before on multiple devices but i recently downloaded it and it won't work... It keeps telling me i have no connection when I have cellphone service enabled when I just download it

Posted by Pearl Chau D 2017-05-31

I have played this game offline since 2011 on iphone, now I change to samsung and it makes me play online only. So, i'm ok with that and play in few days just before one lovely day the system keeps checking for network during online. I love this game so pls fix it

Posted by mira maryanti 2017-05-16

its okay but now there is connection problem meanwhile whwn i use another application thats needs connection is ok

Posted by rose weber 2017-02-28

Love the game but it's ripping me off! I bought points by selecting one of the add purchases never got my points. Saved up to speed up my character Daniel bought it then the next day the speed was gone never got my points back had to save up again and bought it... Not happy

CutePosted by Soelene Quibal 2016-11-02

Good look

Force closes to muchPosted by mr derp 2013-01-25

Really want to play it but force closes to much

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•「兩杯免費遊戲的精髓、一茶匙的時間管理調味, 再摻入少許社交功能,統統混合在一起後,就做出了這道讓我廢寢忘食的免費遊戲。」 – Touch Arcade

•「『Pucca N' Friend』是一款趣味無窮的遊戲, 適合各種年齡階層,只要開始玩就欲罷不能。」 – Macgasm

•「遊戲的畫面十分俏皮,每個角色的演出總會讓我會心一笑。」 – Chuk'num

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• 以動畫角色為主的可愛畫風。
• 使用七種項目類別裝潢餐廳: 地板、牆面、窗戶、門、椅子、餐桌與裝飾品。
• 有甜點、可口的開胃菜、美味的主菜到新鮮壽司等 60 種菜色,等您來學習。
• 光顧朋友的餐廳,並分享彼此的金錢與星級評等。
• 聘請世界級主廚與得力的工作人員,將餐廳打造成五星級的水準。
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