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glitches getting worse and driving this pucca fan crazy!Posted by Katie A. 2013-02-15

Was level 107 but Im uninstalling for good! this game is HORRIBLY inconsistent! items purchased in game disappear, completed tasks must be redone. Sold food reappears or ALL new food disappears. At one pt I hit the "good" glitch where I levelled up & my coins/garu were skyrocketing! I stopped it early. Didnt want to look like id cheated. Didnt matter.they threw in a trick that when I bought a 1 garu recipe, my garu were sucked dry. Everything I do is a roll of the dice. EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING! Bye pucca.

BAD PLAYER! BAD! BAD!Posted by Mama Chaffin 2013-01-28

I really like this game. It's cute and fun, can pass the time VERY easily. However!... I couldn't get into my shop for some reason. Checked my wifi, had full connection. Now, a few hours later (I'm a mom so time to play is rare), I try to log back in and receive a message that I have been BLACKLISTED for poor time managing. What does that even mean?? I won't email anyone, as they demanded, to get back in. I was barely in level 5 anyway, so this game has become EXTREMELY EXPENDABLE.

Game ErrorPosted by JCWM 2 2013-01-27

I played the game just fine yesterday and was beginning to enjoy it. I woke up this morning to check my progress and I get a message saying that I tampered with something and was now blacklisted. I refuse to waste my time with a game that causes you to be accused of cheating because the devs can't fix an apparent bug in their game. I searched online and found this to be a common problem with this game.

Note 3 with kitkat can't play!Posted by Chindy Chen 2014-04-06

I just installed this on my new phone and it keeps say : unfortunately the pucca is stopped. And I played it before at my galaxu s2,when I'm going to invite friends via Facebook or twitter it keeps saying that my connection error,even i can connected to Facebook!!! Please fix it! I love the game so badly but if it's not fixed this just too bad to play this game alone!

NOT WORTH IT!Posted by JENNIFER FELIX 2015-02-09

It constantly says the game has an error and crashes and no Internet connection before I even get a chance to play. This is false as I can browse and use my internet for other apps! This game is a waste of time, space on your device and effort! I wouldn't recommend anyone to download this app!

Cant even play!!!Posted by Gabrielle Dupuis 2014-06-30

At first it worked and it was ok. But now i cant even play because the app dosent work i press on play game and then it closes and they ask me if a want to report that the game isnt working or just close the app!! Well guess what i am tired of reporting over and over again this game stinks!!!

lags, freezes, and cant find networkPosted by Kira Kashino 2013-02-01

the game technically sounds fun but the game lags and freezes, which makes it impossible to play. anything i do in the game causes my phone to freeze up. also, many times it says that i dont have network. i checked and my connection is fine. wont even let me load the game now.

Need to reconfigure and improve!!!Posted by Ang Tienyih 2014-12-27

Until now The problem still not solve. The system check for network during offline. And shown please check for network and kick us out of the game. Unlike Apple's pucca restaurant where it support online and offline without kicking out because of no internet!!!

Don't waste your time.Posted by Danielle White 2015-02-06

The most horrible customer service ever! I still haven't received an email response. I have sent crash reports for the last month trying to get my game to work. I can't login, I can't even play when I create a new ID. I hit play it crashes.

Boring and slowPosted by Harlee Tierney 2013-01-26

Compared to other restaurant games I've tried, this one is extremely boring and slow. Also didn't run very well on my nexus S 4G; constantly would freeze up for a minute or two or would just force close. Would not recommend this app to anyone.

STUPIDPosted by Mya Perr 2013-08-08

I can't even create an account! "Only english characters and numbers allowed" when i tried signing up. I put in MBabyy05 and still not able to sign up, wth is up with that?? Those are obviously english characters and numbers. Stupid..

I have problemsPosted by myungoan kim 2016-07-16

It keeps telling me to login or sign in to mobcreate and so I pressed ❌and said play game and it crashed every time I had this game about 2 years ago until my brother spilt milk all over itI miss the game

RecoverPosted by radhaisis tejeda 2015-11-02

The game NEVER asked me to sync my account with anything else so its hard to get all of your hard work back when you forgot your ID name and your password. I'm not starting this game again so its your loss.

CrashesPosted by Gabby Hernandez 2013-03-07

I absolutely ADORE this game on my iPod, can't get enough, but I tried to play it on my Android and its not even opening. It crashes at the main screen. Such a disappointment. Uninstalled immediately!

CrashingPosted by Sophia Chang 2014-05-14

Keeps crashing. Idk if it is because my mobcrete acct with this game was originally with Apple iOS and when I signed in and tried to load the game it messed it up...or the game has bugs.

CrashesPosted by Sophia W. 2014-01-19

When I get to the screen where it says play and press play it crashes, I have tried restarting the app, my phone and even reinstalling the app. Nothing works, I wish they would fix it :(

DO NOT DOWNLOADPosted by Tabatha Williams 2013-01-26


Posted by Jessica Adams 2014-08-31

It's really irritating that every time I try to log into my account it says it can't find my Internet connection, even though I'm connected to wifi... this company really went downhill.

Used to like this gamePosted by Sophie Layton 2015-02-08

Doesnt work anymore it just says password wrong when i try to log in and when i enter my email to reset it, it says no internet connection. My internet works fine. Please fix this.

??Posted by Tess Lee 2016-08-05


Sad FacePosted by Heather Wollesen 2014-06-27

I loved this game on my iphone, but after switching to a Galaxy s4, I could not get this game to run without immediately quitting. Hopefully it will be fixed in an update

Too many errorsPosted by Melody Song 2013-01-30

I have played this with my ipod and finally I can play with my androind cell phone. But what the? And why the???? Cant even play well and cant get on this game at once

Not working after upgrading OS to kitkatPosted by Cha Roxas 2014-07-24

I used to like this game but when i upgraded my OS to Kitkat i can no longer open the game. I already reported the issue but never got any response. Uninstalling!

Unfortunately stopped problemPosted by MrExonite GT 2015-04-07

When I press the start button ,I will close it self by the word ,unfortunately puncca N Friend are Stopped ....PLEASE FIX IT!MY DEVICE IS ASUS ZENFONE 6,KITKAT.

FixPosted by rocio martinez 2015-01-08

I remember I use to play this game! So fun but it keeps kicking me out fix please!!! :( I give it a 1 star for not working and a 5star that its a fun game!!

Forget itPosted by Monise S 2013-02-01

Just getting it to load on my phone was a headache. Tried 3 times and ended up with bad lag or having my phone frozen up. Unistalled immediately. No thanks.

FIX IT!Posted by Chin Squared 2014-12-19

Just downloaded the app. Force closes everytime i open and start the game. I used to loved this game on my iphone. Now i hate it bcos of this. PLEASE FIX!

Keeps on CrashingPosted by Hans N 2014-04-09

I have a Samsung Galaxy s4 and for some reason the game keeps on crashing when I press the start button.. Please fix it :( Cause I really love this game

Force close :(Posted by Olivia Tucker 2013-02-17

I would give it 5 stars because it was my favorite game on my phone, but now I cannot play. Force close at startup every time. :*( Please fix!

Make it offline, and crashesPosted by Isabel Liu 2014-08-25

On my moms ipad it doesnt need internet access but on this one it does. It crashes most of the time, i cant even get in the game. please fix it.

Someone got it error like me?Posted by Gem Doan 2014-04-16

I played it on ipad and it worked very well but i cant launch the restaurant by android????? It kicks me out again and again. I cant open it!!!!

Posted by Felicia Gaddi 2015-04-19

I used to play this on my ipod and when I installed this on my android phone, it just crashes on me whenever I start the game. Fix this please.

... i cant play if it is offline!!Posted by Albert Cheung 2014-02-16

It was written in the description that i can play this either online or offline .. but y cant i play this in offline .hrrrrr pls fix this!!!!

Can't get passed advertisementPosted by Karen Lu 2013-02-04

I played long enough to like the game and now I can't get passed the Time Warner advertisement! I keep clicking the x but it's not responsive

Make an account (problem)Posted by Thara Renren 2015-06-03

When I open it it says that I have to make an account, but when I already did it says that my ID has to be english and it was canceled. ...

Doesn't work Galaxy s4Posted by Heather Wollesen 2014-07-31

I loved this game when I had an iPhone, but after switching to galaxy, I can't open it without it quitting. Hopefully this will be fixed

its gonePosted by Katrine Albuera 2013-12-15

i removed my battery then i open this and then its gone. im back at level one. i return the date but its still the same. uhh i hate this.

Keeps crashing after I log inPosted by Waelinh Irene Thanh 2016-03-13

After logging into an existing account, it crashes, even though I'm not loading existing play data. Does not run beyond "Start" screen.

CRASHES!!!!Posted by Tonya G 2014-06-24

It crashes when I click on open. I mean everytime. Fix this issue cuz I got far and even bought garu. Oh this makes me mad!!!!

Can't playPosted by Thuy Trang Nguyen 2015-04-24

The game keeps crashing whenever i start playing. I cant play for more than a minute!!!! I feedback many times but no reply or fixing.

Hello? Update?Posted by Young Cho 2014-01-10

Touch doesn't work after I hit game start button. It's been FREAKIN 3 MONTHS. I don't play this game anymore thanks to the developers.

Can't playPosted by Gidget Dale 2013-02-02

I played just long enough to fall in love with the game. A bit later it crashes and now it will not even open. :( Very dissapointed.

WhyPosted by hugo matehuala 2016-07-18

I had this game on my iphone and it worked fine ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ but i download this game on my LG and it say it has a problem wtf

Not workingPosted by Nissa 2015-04-09

I can play this game on my ipod, but when I installed it on my phone, it would always crash after pressing Open. Please fix this.

Pls fixPosted by Jehnille Alexis Sacriz 2013-12-10

How to play OFFLINE? I dont have internet access all the time. And it says an error occured and i cant open the game. Pls fix.

Posted by Allen Crews 2013-02-03

DOES NOT WORK ON DROID 3 !!!!! Please fix it and. I will redownload and rate 5 stars. Until then, 1 star and uninstall. Sorry.

Unfortunately stopped 고쳐주세요.Posted by Hannah Kim 2016-02-22

로그인하고 시작버튼 누르면 Unfortunately stopped 창이 뜨면서 게임창이 꺼집니다ㅠㅠ 고쳐주세요

Something's wrongPosted by Jennifer Geppert 2015-01-05

I made an account, it loaded and every time I hit play it closes and says unfortunately pucca has stopped. Worthless game.

BooPosted by Candra Giarette 2013-02-15

Was my favorite game. But now its frozen on an ad and no matter how many times I restart it goes back to that same ad.

ErrorPosted by Laura Brooke 2013-06-07

Loved the game but I also experienced an error and can no longer access the game no matter what kind of TS'ing I do.

What happened?Posted by Dyana Ryuuza 2016-03-24

I play this game on ios. And i was very excited to play it on android but it says error/unfortunatley stopped. :(

Why cant I play offline?Posted by Siau Shean Sho 2013-09-01

Ive tried to unistall this app and install it again but my hp still cannot play this app offline! Help please!!

Pucca N FriendsPosted by Rigel Poblete 2015-03-01

Error and clicking PLAY it force stop i want to play the game but sad i cant my Device is ASUS Zenfone 5

Cant typePosted by Tsuyona Chan 2013-04-26

I cant type when i am trying to sign up, and there is no point in playing the game if i cant sign uppppppp

It won't let me playPosted by Maricel Ancaya 2014-08-17

Please fix it. I cant seem to open the app. Whenever i press play, the game stopped and closes the app!

PLEASE FIX !Posted by mr1 zombie 2015-01-20

Every time i start the app it crashes please fix it i really wanna play it ! (Using samsung galaxy s4)

DisappointedPosted by Mariana Jones 2013-02-03

Can not play the game. It seems to get stuck on the play game button. Really wanted to play the game.

great but..Posted by jong won lee 2013-09-23

cant play without internet connection. remove your description that it can be played online/offline

CrashingPosted by Erin Day 2016-08-08

I havent even go t to play it yet because everytimei push the login button it shuts off every time

StupidPosted by Natalie Gilbert 2014-10-22

It took an hour of my life to download then it didnt even work. Gee thanks for wasting my time.

What happen?Posted by Tiffany Carter 2014-02-01

One min I'm playing and the next min it's saying an error has terminated the game.please fix!!

Very Stupid BugPosted by DustyBuns 2015-11-11

I would like to play the game, I would give it more stars but I can't even play the game!!

Please fix itPosted by jasmin Perez 2015-02-05

Everytime I press start it logs me out please l really like this game can you guys fix it

CANT EVEN OPEN THE GAMEPosted by Lisa Vo 2015-01-17

'unfortunally pucca restaurant has stopped' when i click on the play it always say that

Do they even read our review??Posted by winda sie 2013-06-05

Please advide this issue quickly..i see not only me who having problem with this game!

Access trouble.Posted by Jimmy Kwak Kwak 2014-12-19

It doesn't even have me login after creating account of it. not like last time I used

ProblemPosted by Lee Gijun 2016-08-31

I have a Samsung galaxy note 2 and it keeps crashing when I press start plz fix!!!!!

Please fixxxxPosted by Jaelene Flores 2014-10-06

Keeps saying unfortunately game has stopped every time I try to play it ):<

20/4/2013Posted by Defnie Tocoro 2013-04-19

please fix it!! when i go OUT it stuck!!! must give it 0 stars. sorry uninstall.

Pls updatePosted by Jihye Cass 2016-09-05

It was working fine in an iPad but immediately stopped working on a smartphone.

Cant playPosted by Emmanuel Angelo Marabillo 2013-09-09

Can't play offline said it can be played online/offline *EDIT* Still no Update

Posted by Yulia Senjaya Tan 2016-05-13

cannot enter game, always unfortunately has stopped. please fix it. thanks.

Many problemPosted by Benny Chia 2016-02-24

Is a good game but many many bug until the game cannot play. Fix it please.

Tried playing...Posted by Lucas Guti 2016-01-18

I pressed the Button than opens the game, and then takes me out of the game

Always Crashed Can't Open GamePosted by Per Son 2015-10-13

I have a Galaxy Note 3 and it always crashed when I pressed play game. Sad.

Shuts downPosted by Hana Hibari 2015-06-01

It would not even let me start the game. It would automatically shut down.

Boooo......Posted by Ela Magno 2013-03-20

When I open it will checking network but when its done it will shutdown....

Posted by Michael Agassi Ogilvy 2016-02-26

Cannot enter game, always unfortunately has stopped. Please fix it. Thanks

Does not workPosted by Amor Pretorius 2015-12-13

It keeps kicking me out i cant even start the game. Really not impressed.

Not workingPosted by Erickson Maupay 2014-06-22

Installed it and sign up,keeps on lagging. Maybe its a scam. Dont install

wont workPosted by Ke'essence Sam 2014-01-01

like after I touch game start...and when I click anywhere the game closes

Why mt device not supported!!!Posted by Stephanus Simbar 2013-02-04

I really love that game, but why on my device this games not supported...

ErrorPosted by Ada Lee 2013-09-14

Can't load the game anymore. Keeps saying can't load the saved file...

StressPosted by Fazli Yasin 2013-05-17

I already press sign up agree to the rule off the game but i cant type

Fix the game.Posted by Donald Pearson 2014-08-16

Auto close when try yo sign in or up. And game lags a lots of gliches

Package is invalidPosted by A Google User 2013-02-27

Why everytime I install it always error? Please give me a solution :(

It won't work!Posted by Sharon Kilbourne 2014-10-30

Every time I open the app, it closes when I push 'play game' so mad!

Ugh…Posted by Yea No 2014-04-24

Glitches a TON. Freezes up a lot and is just too difficult to work.

Doesn't startPosted by Anish Shrestha 2016-03-26

Closes itself after tapping on play.unfortunately stops pls fix it

Great game but...Posted by RR Diaz 2013-03-19

I can't add anyone to be my neighbor even on Facebook. Fix please!

Wiw…reallyPosted by Joshua Abad 2013-02-12

I have 70mb and it keeps saying insufficient storage .. rediculous

Start screenPosted by Joseph Meh 2016-06-06

Worse game I've seen when I always click play it crashes the app

It closesPosted by Roberto Rahmouch 2013-08-10

The game closes when i run the game (it load 10 sec than close)

Device not supported by xperiaPosted by Baldwin Mariano 2013-04-21

Mobcrete shoud create for low end device like xperia play!!!!!!

OfflinePosted by Nathaniel Ballesteros 2013-05-15

Says can be played offline but actually needs connection. LIER

It's not working on Note 3Posted by Baka No Cow 2015-04-19

The game isn't working on Note 3. It crashes when I start it

cant even playPosted by lee sam 2015-11-14

works fine with ios,but cant even log in in android devices.

I used to love this gamePosted by Ivy Mach Hong 2014-10-28

But for some reason it keeps crashing each time i open it :(

WHFPosted by Carol Gan 2013-03-09

cannot even download Have been trying to download for 5 hrs

Won't let me playPosted by Donia Rayan 2015-10-02

Every time I would try to press the play button it crashes

TerriblePosted by James Boror 2014-07-25

Sign up or not. Game crashes as soon as you tap play game

Its crapPosted by Justyn Best 2013-12-24

Evrytime i press the stove its unexpectedly stops plz fix

Posted by Dina natalia 2015-08-02

How do i know? It stopped when i touch the play button.

CrashesPosted by Benjamin Chui 2015-08-19

Repeatedly, never got the game to work a single time.

can't enterPosted by lim qz 2015-04-22

whenever i try to enter the game i will crash pls fix

Posted by Nita Penaloza 2014-07-29

Won't even open:(( I love this game. Must fix pleeeez

I like it butPosted by Kevin Pynaker 2013-04-06

Its nice but slow on my phone need help fix it please

cant workPosted by Jess Xinni 2015-01-25

after signed up, it stopped working. please fix it.

VIRUSPosted by Dev Desai 2013-01-27

This game messed up my phone and delete all my apps

Keeps crashingPosted by リン鏡音 2016-04-05

Not rlly worthit updates makes it less good

FIX ITPosted by lim ying shing 2013-05-27

why can i download it.Please fix it.Thank you

Can't Even PlayPosted by Stephanie L 2014-06-27

Can't even launch the game without crashing.

CrashingPosted by Elaine Liz 2014-08-24

Always. I can't even play the freaking game

Game sucks!!!Posted by Jing Calacar 2015-09-23

I cannot even play the game!!!! Uninstall!

You suckPosted by bearxest 0813 2013-01-30

This suck balls it dosent even let me play

bekarPosted by Ansh Chopra 2013-01-30

i had to download this because of credits

Posted by Zelle Tan 2015-12-02

Can't play will crash when i press start

CrashesPosted by Rebecca Peters 2014-10-01

It crashes everytime i press open game

Re:Posted by Tony Cruz 2013-01-30

Rated it poor cuz game is ultra boring

Not worth the 5 seconds it takes to downloadPosted by Kristen Nieser 2014-08-01

Crashes every time you open it. Brava

I like the gamePosted by Kenneth Patrick 2014-04-27

But I can't play it it keeps crashing

Can't playPosted by Eileen Tran 2014-06-24

Its keeps kicking me out..fix it!!!

whyPosted by Kevin Chan 2014-04-29

why we must use sd card to, play no

Problem with loading my saved gamePosted by Genevieve Tsai 2013-05-30

Can't access my saved game..... Sad

first time downloadPosted by Abang Burnx 2013-03-04

wdf, always crash when at main page

BadPosted by Nicole Dixon 2013-01-28

Crashes every time I try to play it

Posted by Angel DC 2016-05-23

It cant be played on LG G3 Stylus

Why wnt it downloadPosted by Melissa Kayembe 2013-11-02

Gosh man how many space do u need

(THUMBS DOWN)Posted by Nayeskeva Camachina 2013-01-29

This game is really not fun!!!!!

SucksPosted by Ciara Kelley 2013-01-26

Too laggy and crashes every min

UghPosted by Deidra Robinson 2013-05-19

No Google Play Game Services?

Doesn't workPosted by Krystal Paschal 2013-02-10

Stop working after new update

badPosted by Thien Trang 2014-12-02

even i cant open the game x(

Cannot start the gamePosted by Reese Kim 2016-08-13

What happened to this game?

Posted by Yoshabal Lester 2013-02-03

Force close too many times

LolPosted by Nicole Poon 2013-01-29

can only be played online

Won't open.Posted by Anissa Gerdts 2013-01-26

As I said, it won't open.

Posted by John Jade Francis Legaspi 2015-12-14

not working please fix.

Posted by Lilyian Truong 2014-04-13

Offline mode please!???

Does not always respondPosted by Miguel Yup 2013-02-02

Does not always respond

Posted by Khaterine Joy C Ybanez 2015-08-09

Can't even download it

Wont openPosted by alanna ray 2014-07-16

Doesnt open on note 3

So bad! Cant login, cant buy items except for the food.Posted by Jewel De Jesus 2013-09-05

So sad. Unistalling

Posted by Ericka Tangan 2016-12-18

Keeps crashing!!!

Posted by LittleCathyGaming/ Gamer 2015-11-30

It will not start

Posted by David Kim 2014-10-28

Keeps on crashing

Posted by Fetricia Lim 2016-01-31

I hate this game

Posted by Tram Le 2014-10-29

It's not working

BaaaddPosted by ritesh arya 2014-01-14

Please dont play

Posted by Full Time25 2015-12-29

Keeps crushing

Unfortunetly closedPosted by Kayne Hanson 2015-12-19

Pls men fix it

Posted by Vincent Yong 2014-05-20

Unable to play

PoorPosted by Nicole Jolly 2013-05-08

Will not load.

Posted by Bridget Neely 2015-09-20

It don't work

Posted by Frank rainbow Richard ! 2014-11-23

Does not work

Force to stopPosted by Sheena Joyce Celebrado 2016-02-21

Please fix!

:(Posted by Emily Royal 2013-01-26

Won't open.

Posted by Ayana Palmore 2015-01-09

Ik hate it

NoPosted by Black Mamacita 2016-04-02

Wont open

Hate it.Posted by Isabelle Yang 2015-12-28


SmhPosted by Wildboy Shan 2013-01-26


FORCEPosted by Morris Uy 2013-03-07


AlejandroPosted by Jinx Tradermist 2015-11-22


Posted by Justin Ching 2017-08-04

Please fix it!! It always say "please check your internet connection" even though I have a stable connection!!

Posted by Paula Calderon 2017-07-24

Not working. Error messages: "Checking network." & "Please check your network!"

Posted by Stoffel Smith 2017-07-16

It doesnt work

Posted by Barbara Jeanne 2017-06-16

Pls fix this game!

Posted by lidia guerrero 2017-06-14

Great game but i downloaded it onto my new phone and it keeps saying that there is no network connected

Posted by Donia Rayan 2017-05-20

Won't open; Keeps crashing

Posted by April Galario 2017-05-19

I install and uninstall it worst game ever. It keeps on showing please check connection and automatically exit the game. I thought a new feature is you can play it offline but why it always ask you to check your connection>_<

Posted by Akbar Gaming 2017-04-27

You a dick dev i used to play it when im 7 now it like crap what the hell is happend now

Posted by Silca Muniz 2017-04-17

Had it on my iPad mini 4 n now it doesn't show at all

Posted by no B 2017-02-18

It doesn't even let me play. It Keeps chrashing when I click start

Posted by Surya Jaya 2017-01-25

Cant play offline Please fix it

Can't playPosted by Kayla Wolfie 2016-12-31

I go to press open (start) and it crashes.

Posted by Libby Mackanzie 2016-12-25

i can't even open it

NoPosted by Black 2016-04-01

Wont open

Posted by Felicia Potonia 2015-04-18

I used to play this on my ipod and when I installed this on my android phone, it just crashes on me whenever I start the game. Fix this please.

Not workingPosted by Nissa Devora 2015-04-08

I can play this game on my ipod, but when I installed it on my phone, it would always crash after pressing Open. Please fix this.

Please fix itPosted by yazmin Perez 2015-02-04

Everytime I press start it logs me out please l really like this game can you guys fix it

Posted by Frank Rainbow Richard ! 2014-11-22

Does not work

Can't Even PlayPosted by Stephanie Le 2014-06-26

Can't even launch the game without crashing.

Posted by Lilizzles K 2014-04-12

Offline mode please!???

It closesPosted by Roberto R. 2013-08-09

The game closes when i run the game (it load 10 sec than close)

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•「兩杯免費遊戲的精髓、一茶匙的時間管理調味, 再摻入少許社交功能,統統混合在一起後,就做出了這道讓我廢寢忘食的免費遊戲。」 – Touch Arcade

•「『Pucca N' Friend』是一款趣味無窮的遊戲, 適合各種年齡階層,只要開始玩就欲罷不能。」 – Macgasm

•「遊戲的畫面十分俏皮,每個角色的演出總會讓我會心一笑。」 – Chuk'num

您將掌握一間餐廳經營的成敗, 並由一位沒沒無名的小廚師,努力成為世界級的主廚。 設計出一間風格獨具、機能完善的餐廳,設計出 60 多種不同的菜單,同時查看朋友或鄰居如何按照世界的餐廳經營指南裝潢他們的餐廳。

• 以動畫角色為主的可愛畫風。
• 使用七種項目類別裝潢餐廳: 地板、牆面、窗戶、門、椅子、餐桌與裝飾品。
• 有甜點、可口的開胃菜、美味的主菜到新鮮壽司等 60 種菜色,等您來學習。
• 光顧朋友的餐廳,並分享彼此的金錢與星級評等。
• 聘請世界級主廚與得力的工作人員,將餐廳打造成五星級的水準。
• 收集小雕像、成就,並解開隱藏的功能。
• 登上世界知名餐廳指南,打響餐廳的名聲。

• 定期推出新內容。
• 陸續開放更多社交功能。

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